Sports masterpiece three limit diving watch recommended

Diving watch is one of the biggest test of the watch, as a professional diving watch, you must have a good seal, but also for a long time soak in the underwater, watch the strict requirements can be thought of know. So each section of the diving watch should regularly check the waterproof outer ring watch to prevent aging. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three professional diving watch, I hope you like. Rolex DEEPSEA series 116660-98210 blue disc watch Watch Series: DEEPSEA series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: stainless steel Case diameter: 44 mm Domestic price: ¥ 87500 Watch how to put aside the Rolex, this rolex replica uk DEEPSEA series of new watches, not to mention the charm, the watch has 3900 meters of super-waterproof function, which is a Rolex watch released in 2014 Of the new watch, and the old King of Ghosts is the most obvious difference between the dial gradient, blue over to black, to the watch into fresh vitality and extraordinary significance. Blancpain 50 series 5000-1110-B52 watch Watches Series: 50 噚 series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: crocodile skin Case diameter: 43 mm Domestic price: ¥ 79500 Watch Comments: Compared to the original version of the watch, this Blancpain 50 噚 re-engraved watch is particularly preferred, both a man's tough grace, and the woman's delicate thinking. Whether the choice of the pointer, the design of the scale or angular grinding, are very delicate, every detail is impressive. Seal between the bottom case and the case made of three seals, with excellent water resistance, 300 meters of water enough to let us ride in the summer ocean. Such a classic replica, it is worth having. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS Galapagos Islands Special Edition Series IW376705 uk replica watches Watches Series: Ocean time series Movement type: automatic machinery Case Material: stainless steel Strap material: rubber Case diameter: 44 mm Domestic public price: ¥ 57000 Watch Comments: Stainless steel case through the complex curing process, the watch presents a black matte rubber coating, the watch pressure strength up to 120 meters. Stainless steel case coated with a special vulcanized rubber to ensure that environmental impact from salt water, rotating diving outer and bottom cover of the sea turtle relief and other details designed to add the fun of diving. Summary: We buy the watch will be marked with water-proof depth of the replica rolex watches, but we can not do it marked by the depth of the water confused, 30 meters: refers to the general life of water, that is, hand-splashed water droplets, There is rain falling rain when the rain, but attention can not be too long, not in the sauna room to wear. 50 meters: and 30 meters is no different, can be ignored. 100 meters: you can take him to wash, shower, but not soaked in water. 300 meters: Swimming activities, but only for shallow swimming. (Do not be understood as available at 300 meters.) 500 meters: this level before they can sneak into the water, if I remember correctly, it is 1,200 or so, may also be more, but not according to With the set value to do so, it may be your watch can withstand the limit, so do not use this method to test watch performance.