" Always put your right shoe on first. 'Cause if you put your left shoe on first, then your right shoe will be left, and you'll have 2 left shoes"
attributed to: Dear old Dad
contributed by: K4SDB







" You can't teach a pig to sing. It only frustrates you, and it annoys the pig."
attributed to: Dear old Dad
contributed by: K4SDB





It has been attributed to a few hams in the "not so local" area. I won't name names till there is a consensus. I do however want to share with you, a few that I've heard, and any that might get sent to me.

Try these on for size:

"I heard a great old saying the other day......"

That's what prompted me to make this page. I did hear a great old saying the other day.

It went like this:

" She'll raise so many bumps on your head, you won't be able to rub 'em all."
attributed to: Experience
contributed by: KE4VPD








"I believe these old radio's run on smoke, 'cause every time I work on one, a little smoke comes out and then they don't work anymore."





If your anything like me, then these old quotes make you think of other old quotes. Won't you take a second and shoot one off to me in an e-mail along with your name or call sign and who it was attributed to. You can say it was attributed to your old departed 3rd cousin twice removed, it won't matter.



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" I believe he's seen everything but the wind, and been everywhere but the electric chair"
attributed to: Farmer Friend
contributed by: WG4JOE















" If pigs had wings, then they wouldn't scrape their bellies while rooting for truffles! "
attributed to: Anonymous
contributed by: N4QWP




" If I'd have known I was gonna live so long, I'da took better care of myself."
contributed by: KE4VPD


attributed to: Mom












" Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and again."
attributed to: Dad
contributed by: KE4VPD