Minutes of Americus Amateur Radio Association
January 28, 2016
Sumter County Agricultural Center
Route 19
Americus, GA

Present: Jim Doughty - President, Donna Pennington -Treasurer, Regina Benson, John Benson, Charles Hopkins, Jay Reid, Lynn Morgan, and Bob Beard - Secretary

The business portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:41 pm by President Jim Doughty.

There were no minutes because there was no meeting in November and the December meeting was the Christmas Party.

Donna Pennington gave the Treasurer's report. There were no expenditures in November and December and no additional revenues had come in.

Election of Officers
Jim Doughty was reelected President. Lynn Morgan was elected Vice President. Donna Pennington was reelected as Treasurer and Bob Beard as Secretary. Jay Reid and Charles Hopkins were elected as members at large.

Old Business

1st order of business - Status of Grant for Hospital Radio Equipment
John Benson inquired about the status of the GEMA grant to buy radio equipment for the AARA to be installed in the Phoebe Sumter hospital. President Doughty said that he hadn't heard any more about it. He had heard that certain GEMA funds had been obtained to purchase the old National Guard Building on Adderton St. (Route 30 west), but not the status of any other funding.

2nd order of business - Statewide ARES Meeting

Jay Reid reported on the ARES meeting on Saturday, February 13 in Forsyth. This will be the annual statewide ARES meeting. The theme will be critical infrastructure and key resources. Severe weather warnings will be covered in detail. No registration is required. More information can be found on GeorgiaARES.org.
3rd order of business - Contact with Albany Club

Jay Reid said that he would speak to the Albany Club about closer coordination, in particular working with the Ashburn Group and the D-Star repeater.

New Business.

4th order of business - access to Sumter County Agriculture Building for meetings

Donna Pennington suggested that she would prefer to go back to the Sumter County Agriculture Building for meetings so she didn't have to buy food at Roman Ovens restaurant. Jim Doughty reminded her that Roman Ovens was selected as a meeting site, because Jeri Jackson told him that she was the only one who could get the key for the Sumter County Agriculture Building. Ms. Pennington said she would speak to Bill Starr about getting the key for that facility and that she felt that he would give her the key. Note: Subsequently she did speak to Mr. Starr and secured access to the key. The March meeting and all subsequent meetings in 2016 will be held at the Sumter County Agriculture Building, 127 William Bowen Pointe, Americus, except the November meeting.

President Jim Doughty adjourned the business portion of the meeting at 8:16 p.m.


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