Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)











After recently attending a memorial service for a local
ham (Chuck), and the officiating minister spoke of how there is a special place that each of us have, that we can store memories of those who have been with us and have made a lasting impression. I got to thinking about my 50  years in this hobby, I have had the opportunity to know each of these listed below and yes have  special memories of each one. This is part 2 of a series where we will remember 13 SK's - our fellow clubmembers. Some you knew, some you probably never heard about.

 K4FIY               Alfred Hand
W4AXB             Perry Morrison
WB4BID           Richard Argo 
    WA4WTL               Stanley  Burton
WD4EIK           Charlie Royal
 K4ZHT              Coach Knight
K4ZIZ               Jane Knight
 WA4NTF           Fuzz Tanner
K4WNQ              RP Turner
N4IFO               Max Miller
           N4BMQ            Frank  " FN"  Pilcher
W4UFD             Prof Ewing
       WA4ARB           Chuck Fairbrother

  Jane Knight - K4ZIZ
Ms Jane was not the most active ham here, but could be heard talking to Coach at times.  She was a friendly person and could always be counted on to help out on club projects when we needed another licensed operator.  I admired her ability to study and pass the hard General test and 13 wpm code mostly to be able to talk with Coach K4ZHT when he was mobile.  Remember this was in the days before 2mtrs and also before the invention of the cell phone.  I regret I never took a picture with her in it helping out during club projects.

Fuzz Tanner - WA4NTF
 Fuzz was from Ashburn/Sycamore and he and Keith WD4LWC came over to our meetings in the 70's before their club was formed. He was a  super nice fellow and very radio-technically smart. The last time I saw Fuzz was when we were both undergoing treatment for cancer in Albany, Ga.   He helped me greatly in understanding and getting on packet radio.  He was a great ham. 

Bobby "RP" Turner - K4WNQ 
 Bob or RP as he was later know by, was from Marshallville but drove down to attend meetings.  I first met RP on 75 meters back in the 50's.  He was the only person I knew that had his first station set up in the attic!  He was very much a technical person and could build transmitters, amps and receivers.  Both his parents were killed in an air crash on a trip to France while he was very young.  RP served several terms on the Marshallville city council.

Max Miller - N4IFO
Max was another ham from Marshallville that came down for meetings. He was a faithfull member and could be counted on for programs and for help on projects .  Max liked to camp and as he called it "play radio"  He  had his motorhome set up with VHF and HF radios and spent a lot of time at Lake Blackshear.  We would discuss our medical histories ,  both being cancer survivors, often via email.  His calm presence is missed at meetings and on the air. 

Frank "FN" Pilcher - N4BMQ
Frank or FN as some of us knew him, was originally from Ellaville and I first talked via radio with him on 3995 on AM
back in the  50's.  He was a super nice guy who knew his radio theory and loved to work CW as well.  He was first
licensed as K4JCI.  Frank and Lucille moved back here and he was an active member even as his health deteriorated. He stopped by my office when he first moved back here after 30  years . His sense of humor sometimes really got ya when you least expected it.  FN bequeathed all his radio equipment to the AARA.   He is missed.

Charles "Prof" "Chick" Ewing - W4UFD
 Prof was a mentor, he pointed me in the right direction on how to get licensed in 1958.  Prof was the trustee of our GSW club station K4PDM at the college.  /k4far/jpoole/gsw.html He was a transplanted yankee, loved CW, taught biology at the college, and walked with a slight limp due to polio.
In the early years Prof ran a B&W transmitter with a SX101 Hallicrafter rcvr and had a station wagon full of mobile HF gear.    He was very active in the radio clubs.

Chuck Fairbrother - KA4ARB
Chuck was our "professional- amateur" in the last few years. He could be counted on to be "on the air" at most anytime of day or night.  He liked to operate from inside the house or out in his lab/office.  Chuck was active in all three of the
clubs here over the years which is a record in itself. He
was on packet, he worked CW if needed, had VHF
and HF , Extra Class, was a VE and liked to build antennas.  Chuck knew a bit about most anything and had a great memory for trivia and trivial facts.  Our most recent SK, and missed by all.

Hope this brings back some memories for you that knew
these, some info on those you didn't know and as Bob Hope used to sing, "Thanks for the Memories"

More trivia to follow later...maybe,
73, jim poole K4VBH
Feb. 2008