Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)










Alfred Hand
Perry Morrison
Richard Argo
Stanley Burton
Charlie Royal
Coach Knight
Jane Knight
Fuzz Tanner
RP Turner
Max Miller
Frank " FN" Pilcher
Prof Ewing
Chuck Fairbrother











K4FIY - Alfred Hand

"Hand" as he used on the air, was from Plains . On one of my visits he showed me
his station of a Heathkit DX100, Hammuland Rcvr and the most odds and ends of
spare parts stacked around I have ever seen! Completely covered his operating desk.
Alfred worked at the Sing Oil Co. here in Americus. A super nice guy.

Perry Morrison - W4AXB
Perry was a long time ham and electronics instructor at the
Tech School. He was in-active for a long time , but got back
going when we formed the AARA in 1976. He somehow got
Stanley Burton's old call when it had expired.
Perry like to operate on mostly 20 and 15 meters.


Richard Argo - WD4BID

Richard was our dependable. He was always there at
meetings, always at Field Day, at our Walk projects and always around on the air.
He owned and operated a cab here in town and lived over on Peppermint where
you could spot his antenna tower. He was a charter member of our club.

Stanley Burton - WA4WTL
Stanley was our oldest member at 80 plus, and had
been licensed as W4AXB, but let it expire for years.
After Bill WA4RDO got him interested again, he got back going and
was a active member. He retired from Southern Bell, and was an active
Americus city council member for several terms.

Charlie Royal - WD4EIK

Charlie was "Mr Radio Enthusist" he loved it and had always known and been with hams
in Albany, but never licensed, so he knew all the history of it. Charlie worked for me for
a bit after he retired. He is responsible for getting KE4VPD and KE4RJH licensed.
(is that good or bad? ) At field day time, he got up all the food and drinks.
He actually started the weekly two meter net here as NCS back in the 90's .
WD4EIK ("eggs in kitchen")

Coach Godfrey Knight - K4ZHT

Coach Knight & I got our licenses the same year. We both were at GSW and he was my PE instructor . Coach ran a Johnson Viking II and a Hallicrafters rcvr. He got Mrs Knight to get her General (which was hard in the 50's) and she talked mostly to him on 75 as he was traveling to FL. Coach was a very active charter member of AARA. "K4 zootie hootie tootie." the 3975 gang called him.

Hope this brings back some memories for you that knew
these and as Bob Hope used to sing, "Thanks for the Memories"

More to follow later...maybe,
73, jim K4VBH
Jan. 2008


After recently attending a memorial service for a local
ham (Chuck), and the officiating minister spoke of how there is a
special place that each of us have, that we can store memories of those
who have been with us and have made a lasting impression. I
got to thinking about my 50 years in this hobby,
I have had the opportunity to know each of these listed below and yes have
special memories of each one. This is part 1 of a series where
we will remember 13 SK's - our fellow clubmembers. Some you
knew, some you probably never heard about.