Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)


The first Special Event Station K4VBH/4 was set up in Sumter County & operated from Plains, GA on the night Jimmy Carter won the nomination for President. Op's were W4AXB-Perry, WA4RDO-Bill, K4VBH-Jim, WA4LHH-Windell(Tech School), WA4QVM-Bob, WB4OBH-Boze, & WB4OLD-Bruce (TechSchool) & W4UFD-Prof. Operation was set up in the back of the Plains Pharmacy with antennas on the roof.

Certificates were awarded to each contact that was logged and sent us a SASE.

(Tnx to Walt -WA4HGS for copy of his certificate.)


Operation was on 20 meters, 40 meters and 15 meters & on two meters until ABC network asked us to stop operations on 15 because it was getting into their camera network feed ! (well the SWR wasn't the best) Rig was a Swan 350 & an all band vertical on the roof..and a good ole D104 mike! Above pictures are from slides I took that nite.

Another special event station was set up for Inauguration Day and several members of the Albany Club headed this up and a special call was obtained ND4JC. Operation was on all bands. See ND4JC section for details on it.


jim k4vbh