Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)



More Odds & Ends Trivia (part II)


Bill K4KBL helped start me off in this crazy hobby in 1958. He is shown
in the picture below along with my brother Bob and sitting at my station mike is a very young K4JAD. (who Doug says looks sorta like Dick York on the series Bewitched....)












John was from Thomasville, GA and active on 75 with us.
Here he attempts to fine tune my HT37 with an 8" adjustable
wrench. Hmmmm..


The first AARA met at times in the basement of the municipal building. We also did Field Day. Picture (A) is at a Field Day with Brian Tye (WA4RDO's son), Wendell WA4LHH at the mike, and Charlie WD4EIK logging

Picture (B) is in the club's communication room in the basement with WA4RDO Bill, Dianna KA4???? gazing at a young WB4EBB(W4VIR)-Lani.

Picture (C) is in the same location I believe right after a Skywarn Class. Left to right: WA4RDO-Bill, KA4?-Dianna, WB4EBB(W4VIR)-Lani ,K4VBH-Jim, WD4BID-Richard, & W4UFD-Prof


Bill, Diana,Lani,Wayne,Richard and Stanley.


Did ya know hams had a postage stamp made commemorating Amateur Radio??? I can't remember the year, maybe some of you stamp collectors can. You can tell it was a "while ago" by the value of the stamp used to mail a letter. If I wait a bit, it'll take all of these I've saved to mail 1 letter!


That's it for time travel folks........
More later..maybe. Sign the guest book.
jim K4VBH
May 2005