Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)





It helps if you read Part One first. You can get to that by clicking HERE!

First Stations (Part Two)


Another friend and fellow ham that we lost track of, from many years ago (until Tom K4PBK told him about the Trivia Section and bingo we heard from him!) in the AM days is Doug McDowell-K4SWJ formerly from Griffin now residing in Lawrenceville, GA.
Doug and I used to talk with Carey K4JAD, Bob K4PHE, Rex K4JBJ, and all the Griffin,GA guys a lot. Here's a THEN and NOW shot of Doug's station. The boy evidently has a lot of time now that he's retired from helping start a company in the 60's that went from zero to $250 million sales and went from 7 people to 1500 with subsidiaries in Canada and California. Doug was also 7J1BAH in downtown Tokoyo Japan for a while. He couldnt stand retirement, so he and a fellow ham Carey K8VZ (WA4HXE formerly from Albany) started an electronics company manufacturing ham switching gear. From the looks of his present station setup, he may be using some of his products !


Another station I used to work was FN Pilcher- K4JCI on 75 meter- AM with our plate modulated Heathkit DX40, Hallicrafters SX-99, VF1 VFO , homebrew phone patch next to it, amplifier (pair of 813's) on the right of the picture shown below, and a 75 meter inverted V antenna.















One of the "almost" locals was a fellow from up in Ellaville,GA who went by the name of "F N" and his call was K4JCI. He had a great signal into Americus running his trusty 60watt? Globe Scout on AM with the Hallicrafter S53A & the old reliable D104 mike as shown in the picture above.

I lost contact with FN for many years. He changed his call to N4BMQ and changed his name to Frank. You will also see he has had several stations over the last 46 years of hamming, plus he's a great CW operator who is glad to help anyone wanting to learn the code the easy way!

















Frank , Lucille (wife),& Max (dog) moved here from Florida last year and are NOW living in Americus, running a Mark V with a Heil mike and B&W all- band antenna, between two GA pines!
Active on two meters as well, watch out DX & CW, Frank is back on!



More time travel to follow....maybe..73, Jim K4VBH Feb 2005