Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)

1959 First station of our Atlanta friend who is in our logbook lots of times with a whopping 5-9+ signal into Americus back in the AM days of amateur radio....K4PHE-Bob Smith, now residing in Albany, GA! Bob aways sounded "older" than he really was with that "radio voice"
1959 Novice station of KN4VBH , consisting of Heathkit DX40 transmitter, Hallicrafter Rcvr,(given to me by the late Dr. George Bagley,Sr) with an Allied Radio Knightkit super-regenerative receiver, key & EV mike and no one told me a Windom antenna was tempermental.. wiped out TV, radio, telephone, etc...I could have put up a dipole...but it all worked finally !!
Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

If you've been in this crazy hobby for any length of time you probably remember saving up coins and finally getting some gear on the air for the very, very first time. That probably doesn't apply to today's Tech class amateur since two meter repeater operation is pretty straight forward and doesn't require a lot of planning ,antennas, and patience in searching out and making contact with that far off station. These folks below went thru toil & trouble years ago when they had to string up dipoles, wire up transmitters, receivers, antenna relays, keys and mikes. The below shots show several radio uhh...geeks?..well maybe it looks that way NOW, but THEN we were masters of world wide communications!!






Very First Stations
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73, jim k4vbh Nov2004




1962 First station of WA4AKC, Lawrence Killingsworth who invited a bunch of us down to his shack in Edison, GA to visit and meet in person the guy we'd all been talking with for a long time. Going with me on this mini-ham fest were Carey K4JAD and Charles K4LNL. (Charles died last year and we lost a true friend and electronic wizard). Shown Then & Now below. Lawrence did a talk-in on 80meter AM mobile to his house. He is now Dr. Killingsworth whose official title is Chief Science and Technical Officer for Sacred Heart Medical Center, Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (hope he has a rubberstamp) and a network of about 25 other laboratories throughout. Now KD7WZ, in Spokane, Washington. Some THEN & NOW pictures below of my travel companions and fellow hamsters...