Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)

AMERICUS FIELD DAY 1977 - Fairgrounds
Lf to right:
Front Row:( Holding rope ) Keith WD4LWC- Sycamore,GA , *Richard WA4BID , Bob WA4QVM & son Lee, *Fuzz WA4NTF-Sycamore, Brian Tye, Jim K4VBH & son Charles, Paul WA4RWS-Vienna, & Carey K4JAD

Back Row: * RP K4WNQ-Marshallville, Bill WA4RDO, Wendell WA4LHH TechSchool, *StanleyWA4WTL , *Charlie WA4EIK, Stewart WA4BIB & Boze WD4OBH

*(Silent Key)

Having been to a few Field Days with the Griffin, GA club with my friends K4JBJ & K4PBK, I had always wanted to do one here locally. We had a good friend in the funeral business, Jimmy Tindol, and he put up two funeral tents for us. The first year we got permission from the Fair Assoc and set up in the very back of the lot. Charlie Royal WD4EIK had connections with food/drink vendors (sorta like Buddy now does) and Bill WA4RDO got the bank's rollaround grill and did some cooking.

Not wanting this historic event to go "un-recorded", I shot a 8mm movie of it and took my tape recorder for some sound....this was before the days of video ! A lot of hams from surrounding
towns dropped by as well as a few curious local non-hams. The above picture is a slide and was shot by setting camera on timer and running to get into picture before it snapped.

We tried to have two op's for each rig (1 to operate & 1 to log) Using several rigs with an all band vertical, a tri-band beam, and 1 inverted V up in the only pine tree around, contacts began. I couldn't find a still shot of Carey K4JAD, his date and his tent, but it's on the movie.....FIELD DAY 77.. "coming soon to a theatre near you"

Field Day is a great tool for training and for getting to know your fellow ham after being with them for 24hrs straight. Twas a lot of fun...and needs to be repeated......73.

Sitting on red ice chest with striped shirt....K4WNQ RP Turner Next on right with pipe (sorta rhymes huh)....K4JAD Carey next .......Bill WA4RDO on mike, his son Brian, Wendall WA4LHH, & Charlie WA4EIK. My 3yr old (no shirt, now KE4KWF, Dr. Charles Poole) talking to of all folks... a young Pepsi drinking Santa. ..Buddy Wilbanks K4BDY!!