Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole

Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)


ARRL sponsored Field Day has been going on for quite some time.
I got exposed to it back in the early 60's when my friend Rex- K4JBJ invited
me up to spend a few days in Griffin and participate in their annual field day. Tom-K4PBK, Bobby K4POL, Doug-K4SWJ and others put up a huge "circus type" tent and spent the weekend making contacts and having a ball. They filmed some of it on 8mm film that we converted to DVD recently. There I was complete with my 62' VW bug. The Americus club put together a Field Day for the first time in 1977 and held it at the Fair Grounds. I did a film of it, but havent put it on DVD as yet.(note to it) We did manage to take a group picture that year. Here's another shot the next year when we chose up teams to see if a little competition could boost our scores. It was the "Poole Pros' vs the "Tye Turkeys" at fairgrounds field day site.
A monthy newsletter was put together and mailed out to each member.
Here is a page from the June issue that hasn't faded completely out.

Plus our contact scores for several years. Looks like 1978
was a good one. Competition!! Then sorta downhill after that.


PR in the local paper always helps tell the story and helps on membership.
Our first Field Day write up in the TR.

And 30 years later Field Day is still going on, just needs
to be a bit more participation and outside maybe?



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More trivia later..maybe, 73