Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)

Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole










Having been licensed since the 50's, I've had the opportunity to help a lot of folks learn the code and get their "ticket". One of the quickest study was Bill Tye WA4RDO, who as those of you who know him, know he is either stopped or full speed. Well in this case it was full speed on the code. In 1975, I was in the process of moving from Sharon Drive in town to out in the country having just sold our house. Bill came by in the middle of all this and we put him to work moving and learning the code as well. (see above picture..moving sofa?) He would come out to the country and bring snacks , smokes & cold 807's and we'd practice sending and receiving code. He went from zero to copying over 5 WPM in about 3 weeks or so. Determination and also being a musician I think was the factor that helped bring success. Keep in mind that there was no such thing as home computers and very few code audio tapes except the ones you made yourself. We also used to work each other on code after he got licensed in the novice bands to build his speed to pass the 13WPM general exam.

































Another quick study in 1969 was also a musician and she didn't have a code oscillator but blew the dits & dah tones on her flute/recorder after hearing them! She and her husband lived just up the street on Sharon Drive from us and we'd all practice code..somehow no one else was too interested in code. Kathi moved away in 1970 before getting her license, but I was happy to learn later on that she passed her Novice, General & Advanced test. WA7PUX became a vital part of the YL net organization and for many years passed traffic and was a regular check-in. (see above page-QST) Middle row, second frm left. We used to have QSO's on 20 meters when conditions were good to catch up on old times. She is still licensed and semi-active on the bands.




Bill Bell KA4AXI was a high school student in the early 60's and brother of a close friend of mine, Mary Bell. Bill would practice as best he could alone and then I would stop by and send 5WPM to him while he copied. He passed his test went inactive for many years then picked it back up and is now an attorney living in Dalton, GA. His sister & nephew still live here in town, so you may hear him mobile on our local repeater when he comes to visit.


Lloyd WY8X

Lloyd Gosa, Leslie, GA got bitten by the ham bug back in the early 60's and he would bring his code oscillator and key by and we would send code and practice building speed. He is presently living near Kalamazoo , Mich and has relatives here. You may hear him mobile on our local repeater.



Bill Futch lived in Americus off Columbia Dr, and was a high school student. His dad was president of IMC here. I would stop by and help him learn the code and he passed his test. Bill had a complete line of Heathkit gear. DX-60 and the matching receiver. He graduated
from AHS and enrolled in UGA. I sorta lost touch with him over the years. I see his call is no longer active.



Jim Terry West was just a kid from Leslie,GA who was fired up on becoming a ham. He had his key, code oscillator, and ARRL question book and was ready ! I can't remember exactly how old he was but his mom had to drive him to my house to practice until he got old enough for a drivers license. I remember going down to his home in Leslie and practicing code. His
sister used to give him a hard time about that silly stuff. Jim Terry presently lives in Texas ( I think). He was formerly a engineer with Duke Power.


I often think of these folks how they jumped on the code, never,never
ever heard them complain about it, and JUST DID IT!

jim k4vbh

PS: If you have "learning the code" experiences from years back...let us
know and we'll add them to this go sign the guest book for Doug!