Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)

While John Sheffield N4KD's dad was Mayor, and my good friend Don Whitaker was City Clerk, we were given permission to set up the repeater antenna on top of the Municipal building, and could use a room in the basement for meetings, and a club station.
The antenna would be simple enough, just a few sections of tower on top of the building since it was already 3 stories, and in a high spot in town. Unbeknowing to us the brick and mortar was of some variety that we broke all kinds of drill bits, until I finally got a ram-drill from a local termite exterminator, to put holes into the wall to bolt the tower. Lani & Kim drilled and bolted it down. Shown above, is the tower crew on the roof, ready to "erect" and run the hard line down the chimney to the basement for the repeater. One had to sorta tiptoe around on the roof as it had just been re-tar'd and didn't look too safe. The room shown, is where all of the elevator motors & relays are housed. You had to crawl thru all of that, to get to the roof via a ladder attached to the wall. The antennas used were two that we bought from the 13/73 machine in Sylvester. Prof W4UFD went and got them in his vehicle and brought them back to install.
It took all afternoon, and a ton of folks, to take all this back down many years later when the repeater was again moved.. this time to it's location of Lani's work QTH.

Trip back in time...73....jim k4vbh.
December 2004
Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole