Americus Amateur Radio Association

2 meter @ 147.27 t(131.8)

Shown above at the Columbus, GA hamfest sitting on the K4VBH mobile is Tom K4PBK and XYL Jeanette along with my date next to me when I wore a younger man's clothes and didn't have this natural gray-white tint that somehow is present now. We enjoyed going over to the hamfests which were held at the Municipal Auditorium and Hal W4FIZ would be the master of ceremonies and call the lucky numbers,make announcements, etc. You could always count on seeing John W4DDQ (two dimes and a quarter) and John K4BAI and his dad. Some years it was held in the building directly behind the auditorium. (picture #2) For some strange reason I usually ended up winning some kind of small door prize almost every year... a callbook, or a log book, or a roll of solder. The big prize of a transceiver was always won by someone I'd never heard before. Funny how somethings always relate to ham radio, I sold that car to one of KI4ERM-jim's relatives many years later!

Standing with Tom & Jeanette on the right is my late brother Bob KA4RXB. Bobby died in 1990 & had worked for Southern Bell for 20+ years out of the Cordele office. Wayne WD4RTG helped him get going by giving him his Novice exam and went with him to the FCC testing when he took & passed his Technician. We all were really shocked that he just "showed" up at the Columbus hamfest since at that time he was not licensed, but had been exposed to ham radio for a long time helping me with antennas & equipment. He signed his name tag that day.. "SWL". (short wave listener)

Hamfests have changed over the years and there are several still large enough to endure... try to make one in the 'll be glad you did.

K4VBH jim
December 2004

*special thanks to Wayne Castleberry WD4RTG for help on this
trip back in time*

Amateur Radio Trivia in Americus
Over the Past 45 years

by: K4VBH-jim poole