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GSSA Amateur Of The Year

In conjunction with the upcoming Stone Mountain Hamfest the first weekend in November, the GSSA will be announcing the award of Amateur of the Year. Any voting member of the association can nominate a ham for the award, and that ham doesn't have to be an association member.
To nominate someone, contact any officer or board member of the association (listed at left under officers/ net info) and tell a little why you think that ham should be the GSSA Amateur of the Year. It will be presented at the hamfest.

By the way, the GSSA "sit and relax" table will be in the main exhibition hall, just past the kitchen on the right. Look in this diagram for "A7". There will be a GSSA banner up.

Time Change November 2nd Means Net Time Change

As we have for a long time, the GSSA Net time will roll back to 6 PM (2300Z) with the time change on November 2nd. The Sunday of the Stone Mountain Hamfest weekend the net will be at 6 PM until next March.

Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Episode 41

A first took place on Space Shuttle mission STS-37. SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment) provided live communication from the shuttle into many school classrooms to teach the students about space exploration and Amateur Radio.
In July 1991, N6CA and KH6HME set a new record on 3456 MHz between California and Hawaii. Each was running 5 W to a 4-foot dish.
In 1992, after 8 years as ARRL President, Larry Price, W4RA, declined to run for re-election. The League's Board of Directors subsequently chose him as the next International Affairs Vice President, which provides liaison with the IARU, which Price served as Secretary. George Wilson, W4OYI, succeeded Price as ARRL President.
N7FKI and W7ZOI reported in the March 1992 QST that they had built a one-transistor 10 meter CW transmitter and made contacts with it using lemon power -- essentially a cell made by inserting appropriate electrodes into a lemon. If life gives you lemons, make contacts!
During the early 1990s, interest in digital communication grew, and QST published many articles on the subject that helped fan the flames. Also, hams became interested in the old concept of direct-conversion receivers. KK7B presented one of the best in the August 1992 issue of QST. Another old receiver circuit was also revived -- the regenerative receiver. WJ1Z described one for 40 meters in the September 1992 issue of QST.

By the early 1990s, digital signal processing (DSP) had made its appearance, and had begun to be used by both homebrewing hams and equipment manufacturers.
A September 1992 QST article, "ABC: The First Electronic Digital Computer," recounted the fascinating tale of the first real computer, the Atanasoff-Berry computer -- a vacuum tube device -- designed in 1939 and 1940 by university professor John Atanasoff and built by electrical engineering student Clifford Berry, W9TIJ.

-- Al Brogdon, W1AB

Did you get behind on these? Want to catch up? Read the entire series less the current one above here.

No Easy Answers for RadioShack's Slow, Downward Slide

Back in the day, RadioShack employees would answer the phone by saying, "You've got questions, we've got answers." But RadioShack now seems stumped, and the "B" word is looming ever larger as the retailer -- once the go-to place for electronic components and, at one point, even some Amateur Radio gear and shortwave receivers -- casts about for a white knight. Last March, in the wake of a substantial drop in holiday sales and a big fourth-quarter loss, the Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack announced plans to close 1100 of its outlets, leaving the chain with 4000 stores, including more than 900 dealer franchises. The company's second-quarter 2014 report has been deemed "dismal" by investment advisors.

According to CNNMoney, though, the retailer has been able to shutter only 200 of those shops -- because it costs a lot of money even to close locations, and RadioShack has none to spare. It's already bleeding cash -- some $149 million just this year --in its struggle to board up unprofitable locations and keep its head above the rising waters, and, as CNNMoney reported, credit rating agency Moody's expects the company's bank account to run dry within another 12 months. One Wall Street analyst already has warned of impending bankruptcy, and reported last week that the retailer itself has confirmed the likelihood of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, if it cannot find a buyer or restructure its debt.

RadioShack CEO Joseph Magnacca said in a statement on September 11 that while the company was making progress in its turn-around efforts, "we are actively exploring options for overhauling our balance sheet and are in advanced discussions with a number of parties."

A filing the retailer submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week was far more blunt. In short, it said that if RadioShack cannot sell the firm, partner with another company, or restructure its debt, "we may not have enough cash and working capital to fund our operations beyond the very near term, which raises substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern." And if Plan A does not work out, the retailer told the SEC, "we would likely be required to liquidate under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code."

-ARRL Letter


Comedian Tim Allen = Radio Amateur (For Real)

In a particularly delicious twist of Life Imitating Art, comedian Tim Allen, star of the ABC hit television series, "Last Man Standing," has earned his Amateur Radio ticket, KK6OTD. Tim joins nearly 2 dozen show production and crew members who have become Amateurs in real life as a result of regular exposure to authentic equipment on the stage set and devilishly hilarious ham radio story lines that find their way into the script by brilliant writers.
Amateurs who are already loyal fans of the show are delighted to welcome Tim into the ranks of the Amateur fraternity, where he joins a growing list of entertainers, heads of state, industry pioneers, and others of great notoriety.
Congratulations, Tim, and see you on the radio.



Preview the new Buzzard Roost Certificate

The "Buzzard Roost", an "educational" gathering....not a net!.... convenes on 3975 kHz at 2400 UTC on Monday nights. They have decided to issue a certificate to folks brave enough to check in!

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