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Highlights of the Sun, by SDO Over Last 5 Years

The Sun is the source of what, in part, is needed for ionospheric HF propagation. For the last five years, we have had an amazing front-row seat to the Sun's activity, minute by minute: the SDO spacecraft. And, we expect many more years of super high definition viewing.

Here is a video with highlights of the last five years of solar activity as seen by the SDO spacecraft. This is worth seeing on a larger monitor, so try to view it full screen on something larger than your palm. The music is pretty good too. It is worth the 20-some minutes of stunning viewing. Be sure to share!


FCC Closures- House Committee asks for documents

There are plans to close two-thirds of all FCC field offices, the ARRL reports on the latest developments

The US House Committee on Energy and Commerce has given the Federal Communications Commission a May 7 deadline to produce documents related to FCC Enforcement Bureau proposals to close two-thirds of its field offices and eliminate nearly one-half of its staff of field agents.
In an April 23 letter, Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) told FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that his panel wants the Commission to provide all documents relating to the proposed closures.

“[Y]our proposal to shutter 16 of the Commission’s 24 field offices raises significant challenges and concerns,” Upton said. “The Commission has represented to Congress and the American people that it will ‘preserve the integrity of public safety communications infrastructure by taking action on 99 percent of complaints of interference to public safety communications within 1 day,’ yet your proposal to reduce the geographic footprint of the Commission appears to ignore the impact this might have on the Commission’s public interest goal.” Upton said the Commission has offered little information to support its proposals. “Indeed, our concerns have only been heightened by the Commission’s failure to provide all the information requested by the Committee,” he wrote.

The field office and personnel layoff proposals were outlined in a March 10 internal memorandum from Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc and FCC Managing Director Jon Wilkins to EB field staff. The memo, obtained by ARRL and others, cited the need to take “a fresh look” at the Bureau’s 20-year-old operating model in light of technology changes and tighter budgets.

Read the full ARRL story here.

-Southgate ARN


The Buzzard Roost Certificate

The "Buzzard Roost", an "educational" gathering....not a net!.... convenes on 3975 kHz at 2400 UTC on Monday nights. They issue a certificate to folks brave enough to check in!



Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Look at this "history" of ham radio through the eyes of the ARRL, an interesting read!


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