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April 23
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Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Look at this "history" of ham radio through the eyes of the ARRL, an interesting read!

Dishtronix Purchases TEN-TEC Assets

Dishtronix, an electronics design and manufacturing company, has purchased the assets of Amateur Radio equipment manufacturer TEN-TEC from RKR Designs. Headquartered in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Dishtronix manufactures and markets the "Prometheus" solid-state Amateur Radio amplifier, among other products. No formal announcement has been made by either company, and details of the purchase are still being finalized. RKR Designs announced last April 2 that it had acquired the assets of TEN-TEC and Alpha Amplifiers from RF Concepts, less than 1 year after the two lines had merged under the RF Concepts brand in an asset sale. Dishtronix owner Steven M. "Mike" Dishop, N8WFF, told ARRL that, while TEN-TEC has had different owners over the years, he is in it for the long haul.

"Dishtronix has been continuously operating for 17 years, is financially stable and will continue managing in a manner that promotes and maintains financial stability. My vision is strictly long term," he said. TEN-TEC production will remain in Sevierville, Tennessee.

According to its website, Dishtronix was incorporated in 1998 to design, develop and manufacture electronic controls and products, serving smaller manufacturers that lack electronic design expertise. Dishtronix said that it "seriously committed" in September 2001 to enter the Amateur Radio market with high-power, solid-state amplifiers and accessories. Dishop said Dishtronix has other new products under development, including a new legal-limit, solid-state amp that he expects to debut at Dayton Hamvention® in May.

"When I have capacity, the next step is to run the first batch of Omni VII+ [transceivers], which is the Omni VII with some minor cosmetic changes and improvements, such as a flat metal front for improved shielding," he added. He also expects to post some firmware updates as soon as possible, once the new TEN-TEC website is up.

Dishop told ARRL that he's had to make "some tough decisions" to ensure the company's long-term viability. He confirmed a recent TEN-TEC reflector web post by former TEN-TEC Engineering Manager John Henry, KI4JPL, whom Dishop has retained on a contract basis, that indicated a new service policy is now in place, with a $140 minimum charge just to look at a radio, even if it is not repaired. This includes items already sent to RKR for repair.

Dishop asked the Amateur Radio community to be patient during the transition. "I am fully committed to bring TEN-TEC back to a sustainable state," he said in his earlier web post. "This will take some time." Read more.

-ARRL Letter


State ARES Meeting Soon

Looking forward to the Georgia ARES Convention in Forsyth February 13. There will be
hands-on demonstrations of the digital modes by experts who will show you how to get it going
with minimum layout of cash. Frank K4SJR does it with a cheap tablet. Also some good talks
about Weather warnings from NWS, Power grid risks and potentials (did you notice that the
bad guys already have infiltrated the controlling software for the power grid?) and also MARS’
relationships with ARES. Read the agenda here.

-W4AYK, Dr. Gene Clark, SM



Ramsey Kits Calls it Quits

After more than 40 years as a purveyor of inexpensive electronics kits for hobbyists, the Ramsey Hobby Kits group has announced that it's thrown in the towel, effective on January 1. The Ramsey RF Test Equipment Group is unaffected by this change. The Victor, New York, company sold a wide array of hobby kits over the years, starting with its LED Blinky kit in the 1970s and eventually including simple ham radio transmitters and receivers, aircraft band receivers, and other devices. Ramsey kits were frequently available at hamfests. The company said it will continue to provide technical and warranty support for hobby kits purchased through the end of 2015. Ramsey said its remaining hobby kit inventory has been relocated to Amazon.

-ARRL Letter



Redesigned FCC Website Makes it Easy for Hams to File Interference Complaints

The FCC has made it easier for hams to file RF interference and other complaints, thanks to a new feature of the FCC's recently redesigned website. The addition was made at ARRL's request. Hams have always been able to file such complaints, but when a new complaint system geared largely to consumers came online a year ago, they lost the ability to do so via e-mail to a dedicated address. The change made it less clear how amateurs should file such complaints and what, if anything, would result.

Once on the FCC site, click "File a Consumer Complaint" on the right side of the screen. The next page lists several categories. Under "Radio," click on "File Complaint." This will take you to a web form that you can fill out. The form includes a drop-down menu for the "Radio Issues" field. Pick one, such as "Interference." This will bring down another menu. The "Your Radio Method" field includes another drop-down menu. Select "Amateur Radio." Complete the rest of the form. It is possible to add attachments. Click on "Submit" to file your complaint.

The FCC e-mail addresses for submitting complaints have been discontinued; they had been rendered ineffective by spam.

Each complaint is assigned a ticket number, and complainants receive an e-mail acknowledgment and, if appropriate, a follow-up report on what was done to address the complaint. Many complaints are simply acknowledged, however, and the complainant is told that it will be used for statistical analysis. A complainant can update a complaint with additional information.

-ARRL Letter



We’re entering a ‘solar minimum’ — what it means, and how it influenced 2015

The sun erupted with two notable space weather events in 2015: the geomagnetic storms on June 22 and March 17. They lit up the northern skies with beautiful aurora, which in some places continued for days. But 2015 was also a relatively quiet year for space weather. To find out why, we need to look at the bigger picture for the answer.

-washington post




Excellent promotional video for Ham Radio

-Radio Society of Great Britain


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