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Upcoming Hamfests

Wiregrass ARC Tailgate
April 25
Headland, AL


Atlanta Hamfestival
June 6
Marietta, GA


Huntsville Hamfest
August 15-16
Huntsville, AL


Stone Mountain Hamfest
November 7
Lawrenceville, GA



Georgia QSO Party

2015 marks the 54th consecutive (nearly) year that the Georgia QSO Party (GQP) has been challenging amateurs all over the world with the best award/plaque program in the US. IN 2014, 272 amateurs submitted logs vying for the thirty-nine award plaques that were earned.
The GQP is held in a pair of ten-hour sessions on the second full weekend in April; this year that will be April 11-12, 2015. Hopefully all 159 Georgia counties will be on the air.

Maybe operate mobile in the "rover" category:

Notice the tag? That's Barry Goldwater....


Indian Springs Picnic

The annual GSSA/GCRC Spring Picnic will be Saturday, May 2nd at the Indian Springs State Park, picnic shelter number 4. Indian Springs is about 5 miles south of Jackson, Ga. Bring a covered dish, a lawn chair to rest on, and something for the charity auction held right after lunch....that raises funds used to help those in need, not to mention it's a lot of fun and laughs! We usually start gathering around 9 AM for visiting and fellowship, with a big throwdown lunch around 11:30 to noon. Some will be camping in the park for the weekend.


Wave of popularity

In a digital world, ham radio endures, as a hobby and means of emergency communication.

Every time you send a text on your phone, watch a TV show or use Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, you use technology developed in part by early hams – an old railroad telegraphers’ term for “inexperienced operator” – experimenting with newly invented radio in their basements and attics. And throughout amateur radio’s 100-year history, these cellar alchemists have helped create and refine innovations in the field. Meanwhile, others have helped save lives and ease human suffering during catastrophic events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Along the way, they’ve formed a tight-knit community that has a heck of a good time - See more here!

-American Legion Magazine


Farewell RadioShack: How Technology Made and Unmade an American Icon:

Bankrupt at the age of 93, the store that once proclaimed itself “America’s #1 Electronics Store – Nobody Compares!” will shutter its shops and declare its chapter over in the saga of technology of the past century. RadioShack, maybe more than any other American company, has charted the history of modern technology even through the store’s messy, prolonged demise. More than a decade after its first shop opened in Boston in 1921 to sell radios to ship captains who had small radio houses on board their vessels, RadioShack’s first catalogue advertised radios alongside the latest microphones, record players and and “custom built Taylor Tubes”. RadioShack’s long story ended in a new century as messy and marked by technology as the retailer had been at its highest success: a bizarre collection of America’s most advanced contraptions and its most trivial and weird diversions, and all of it for sale. Unfortunately for the retailer, Americans outpaced it in both ingenuity and consumption, with no heed for the fact that RadioShack had helped wire their world together. Read more here.

-eham/the Guardian



The Buzzard Roost Certificate

The "Buzzard Roost", an "educational" gathering....not a net!.... convenes on 3975 kHz at 2400 UTC on Monday nights. They issue a certificate to folks brave enough to check in!



Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Look at this "history" of ham radio through the eyes of the ARRL, an interesting read!


Check into our sister net, the Georgia Traffic and Emergency Net
nightly at 7:15 PM Eastern on 3982.5 mHz

Georgia Cracker Radio Club Newsletters from the past Provided by WA4IQU and ND4XE
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