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Stone Mountain Hamfest
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November 1



GSSA Amateur Of The Year
Stone Mountain Hamfest

In conjunction with the upcoming Stone Mountain Hamfest this weekend, the GSSA will be announcing the award of Amateur of the Year.

Also, the GSSA "sit and relax" table will be in the main exhibition hall, just past the kitchen on the right. Look in this diagram for "A7". There will be a new GSSA banner up. Everyone's welcome, come sit a spell!

Time Change November 2nd Means Net Time Change

As we have for a long time, the GSSA Net time will roll back to 6 PM (2300Z) with the time change on November 2nd. The Sunday of the Stone Mountain Hamfest weekend the net will be at 6 PM until next March.

Radio History: A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

Episode 42

A photo story in "Up Front in QST" in January 1993 noted that President George H.W. Bush had made an official visit to Springfield, New Jersey, to meet with local and state officials. One of those officials was Jeff, WB2DCJ, who coaxed the President into greeting some locals on 2 meters. "Hey, how are you guys doing?" Bush said on the radio. "Nice to talk with you."

That same issue of QST noted that DXCC credit was now being given for contacts with three new entities -- Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Hercegovina -- that emerged from the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

By 1993, as the number of licensed amateurs increased, so did the number of intentional violations of FCC rules.The Commission responded by getting tough and levying severe fines on intentional wrongdoers, and in some cases taking offenders to court.

The July 1993 issue of QST published the tale of K3KMO's 10,500 mile motorcycle trip from Maryland to Alaska and back, all the while operating HF CW in motion. CW contacts with hams all over the world helped while away the long hours driving along the road.

In the 1970s, the FCC banned amateur communications for business purposes. The vague wording of those rules became interpreted in a progressively stringent manner over the years, however, curtailing the use of Amateur Radio to support even meritorious public service activities. In July 1993, the FCC changed its rules to allow hams to provide communication for worthwhile public service activities. The final rules were adopted almost verbatim from the suggestion made by ARRL.

The 10th anniversary of Amateur Radio as part of NASA space shuttle missions was observed in 1993, with five shuttle crews requesting that ham radio be part of the payload that year.

-- Al Brogdon, W1AB

Did you get behind on these? Want to catch up? Read the entire series less the current one above here.

Recent Geritol Net Luncheon

Standing: W4OVS Neal, KK4SGX Russ, K4APT Joe, KE7QF Dave, WJ4Z Dana, KD4BO Jim, Jennett/Melvin KK4QJR, W4DEL Del/Penny

Sitting: KR4HV Walt, W2DHB/4 Pat, K4MDC Gary, Les's grandson Mark, KA2NNK/4 Marilyn, WA4ENC Les/Mildred


The new Buzzard Roost Certificate

The "Buzzard Roost", an "educational" gathering....not a net!.... convenes on 3975 kHz at 2400 UTC on Monday nights. They have decided to issue a certificate to folks brave enough to check in!

GSSA Trader's Net
every Thursday right after the GSSA Net

Check into our sister net, the Georgia Traffic and Emergency Net
nightly at 7:15 PM Eastern on 3982.5 mHz

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